Yi Tai Guo

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— In this paper, formation control of a group of nonholonomic wheeled robots are considered. By introducing a unified error of the formation and trajectory tracking, state feedback control laws are proposed for formation control with a desired trajectory. Graph theory and Lyapunov theory are used in the control design. After that, by introducing observers,(More)
Genomic information is increasingly used in medical practice giving rise to the need for efficient analysis methodology able to cope with thousands of individuals and millions of variants. The widely used Hadoop MapReduce architecture and associated machine learning library, Mahout, provide the means for tackling computationally challenging tasks. However,(More)
  • Yi Guo, Zhihua u, Nageswara
  • 2005
We design end-to-end congestion avoidance algorithm for TCP window dynamics. Instead of using expIicit feedback from the router like that in RED, we propose the idea of dynamically estimating the queue size from the noisy throughput acknowledgement, and driving TCP window accordingly. A linear quadratic Gaussian controller is constructed, and stability of(More)
— Formation stability of a group of autonomous robotic systems is considered in the paper. We design cooperative control scheme in the framework of Lyapunov theorem for general linear dynamic systems. Decentralized control laws are explicitly constructed for individual systems with inter-system communications. Simulations show asymptotically tracking of a(More)