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Cuisenaire and Macq [Comp. Vis. Image Understand., 76(2) (1999) 163] proposed a fast Euclidean distance transformation (EDT) by propagation using multiple neighborhoods and bucket sorting. To save the time for bucket sorting and to reduce the complexity of multiple neighborhoods, we propose a new, simple and fast EDT in two scans using a 3 Â 3 neighborhood.(More)
A watermark hidden in an image is retrieved differently from the original watermark due to the frequently used rounding approach. The simple rounding will cause numerous errors in the embedded watermark especially when it is large. A novel technique based on genetic algorithms (GAs) is presented in this paper to correct the rounding errors. The fundamental(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) are considered as a global search approach for optimization problems. Through the proper evaluation strategy, the best "chromosome" can be found from the numerous genetic combinations. Although the GA operations do provide the opportunity to find the optimum solution, they may fail in some cases, especially when the length of a(More)
Steganalytic techniques are used to detect whether an image contains a hidden message. By analyzing various image features between stego-images (the images containing hidden messages) and cover-images (the images containing no hidden messages), a steganalytic system is able to detect stego-images. In this paper, we present a new concept of developing a(More)
"Deep Web" refers to the rich information and data hidden in backend databases, etc., that search engines or Web crawlers cannot access. It is mostly accessible through manual query interfaces. This paper introduces the <i>Semantic Deep Web</i>, utilizing an ontology to determine relevance of query interface attributes to access the Deep Web. In addition,(More)