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Quorum sensing is a mechanism of cell-cell communication that bacteria use to control collective behaviours including bioluminescence, biofilm formation and virulence factor production. In the Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio cholerae quorum-sensing circuits, multiple non-coding small regulatory RNAs called the quorum-regulated small RNAs (Qrr sRNAs) function to(More)
Quorum sensing is a chemical communication process that bacteria use to control collective behaviours including bioluminescence, biofilm formation, and virulence factor production. In Vibrio harveyi, five homologous small RNAs (sRNAs) called Qrr1-5, control quorum-sensing transitions. Here, we identify 16 new targets of the Qrr sRNAs. Mutagenesis reveals(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to use amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF) as a method to explore the local features of spontaneous brain activity in patients with primary angle -closure glaucoma (PACG) and ALFFs relationship with the behavioral performances. METHODS A total of twenty one patients with PACG (eight males and 13 females), and(More)
A number of neuroprotective effects of curcumin have been demonstrated in recent years. However, whether curcumin exerts any beneficial effects on age-related impaired cognition and memory has not been well characterized; nor was there any detailed data on the molecular pathways activated by curcumin. The present study attempts to investigate the effects of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to explore the resting-state functional connectivity (FC) differences between the paired default mode network (DMN) subregions in patients with primary insomnia (PIs). METHODS Forty-two PIs and forty-two age- and sex-matched good sleepers (GSs) were recruited. All subjects underwent the resting-state functional magnetic(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been suggested to play an important role in neurological diseases. Particularly, miR-134 is reportedly involved in regulating neuron survival. However, the association between miR-134 and retinal ganglion cell (RGC) survival under adverse stimulus has not been extensively investigated. In this study, we aimed to explore the role and(More)
Netrins are secreted molecules involved in axon guidance and angiogenesis. However, the role of netrins in the vasculature remains unclear. Netrin-4 and netrin-1 have been found to be either pro- or antiangiogenic factors. Previously, we found that netrin-1 acts as an anti-angiogenic factor in rats by inhibiting alkali burn-induced corneal(More)
Research on autobiographical remembering has shown the intertwined relationship between the self and memory. Very little is known about the role of the self in the anticipation of the future. To investigate the association, European American (N=61) and Chinese (N=60) college students each reported two past autobiographical events and anticipated two future(More)