Yi-Shan Lu

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273 bacterial strains were isolated from 20 Chinese longsnout catfish samples. The biochemical characteristics of all strains conformed to the species description of Aeromonas veronii bv. veronii on the basis of Vitek GNI+ card. Furthermore, 16S rDNA, gyrB and rpoD sequences of the representative strain PY50 were sequenced and showed high similarity with A.(More)
The photocatalytic activity of an amorphous titanium oxide (a-TiO x) film was modified using a two-step deposition. The fluorinated base layer with a nano-textured surface prepared by a selective fluorination etching process acted as growth seeds in the subsequent a-TiO x deposition. A nanorod-like microstructure was achievable from the resulting a-TiO x(More)
IgD is considered to be a recently-evolved Ig and a puzzling molecule, being previously found in all vertebrate taxa, except for birds. Although IgD likely plays an important role in vertebrate immune responses, the function of IgD in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is virtually unknown. In the present study, a membrane form of IgD (mIgD) heavy chains(More)
Silk fibroin (SF) is a protein with bulky hydrophobic domains and can be easily purified as sericin-free silk-based biomaterial. Silk fibroin modified chitosan nanoparticle (SF-CSNP), a biocompatible material, has been widely used as a potential drug delivery system. Our current investigation studied the bio-effects of the SF-CSNP uptake by liver cells. In(More)
Although pipelined/out-of-order (PL/OO) execution features are commonly supported by the state-of-the-art bus designs, no existing manual Transaction-Level-Modeling (TLM) approaches can effectively construct fast and accurate simulation models for PL/OO buses. Mainly, the inherent high design complexity of concurrent PL/OO behaviors makes the manual(More)
This paper proposes using a non-intrusive timing synchronization interface approach to facilitate shared-data synchronization for fast and accurate hardware-assisted HW/SW co-simulation. Our synchronization interface device is specially designed for non-transparent components. With the device, we can systematically monitor shared-data accesses on a bus and(More)
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