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Vesicle trafficking requires membrane fusion, mediated by SNARE proteins, and upstream events that probably include "tethering," an initial long-range attachment between a vesicle and its target organelle. Among the factors proposed to mediate tethering are a set of multisubunit tethering complexes (MTCs). The Dsl1 complex, with only three subunits, is the(More)
— Thanks to recent advances in robotics, sensors and wireless communications, it is feasible to develop a variety of new architectures for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSNs) that play an important role in various applications such as battlefield surveillance, harbor monitoring, etc. However, due to the dynamic of mobile network topology in MWSNs, many(More)
—A known problem for virtualized cloud data centers is the inter-VM communication inefficiency for data transfer between co-resident VMs. Several engineering efforts have been made on building a shared memory based channel between co-resident VMs. The implementations differ in terms of whether user/program transparency, OS kernel transparency or VMM(More)
Multisubunit tethering complexes are essential for intracellular trafficking and have been proposed to mediate the initial interaction between vesicles and the membranes with which they fuse. Here we report initial structural characterization of the Dsl1p complex, whose three subunits are essential for trafficking from the Golgi apparatus to the endoplasmic(More)
In Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, authentication of a device is of upmost importance for applications of Internet of Things. As traditional authentication schemes always assume the presence of a person, most authentication technologies cannot be applied in machine-centric M2M context. In this paper, we make the first attempt to formally model the(More)
Pure Peer-to-peer architecture is becoming an important model for information sharing among dynamic groups of users with its low cost of entry and its natural model for resource scaling with the community size. Recent studies on several pure P2P information-sharing systems have posed new questions and challenges in this area. By identifying two key factors(More)