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We propose an effective data hiding method based on the EMD embedding scheme proposed by Zhang et al. in order to enhance the embedding capacity. The main idea of our proposed scheme is to convert secret binary messages into a sequence of digits in an 8-ary notational system. Each secret digit is embedded into two cover pixels by modifying the least(More)
Hydrogels allow control of gel composition and mechanics, and permit incorporation of cells and a wide variety of molecules from nanoparticles to micromolecules. Peptide-linked hydrogels should tune the basic polymer into a more bioactive template to influence cellular activities. In this study, we first introduced the generation of 2D poly-(sulfobetaine(More)
A new exploiting modification direction embedding method (also called the EMD embedding for short) was proposed by Zhang <i>et al.</i> to show that their proposed method has high embedding capacity and high stego-image quality as well because at most one cover pixel need increase/decrease by one among n cover pixels. Adopting the advantages of the EMD(More)
The object of our research is to embed secret images with high-capacity and high-quality of the stego image. Taking advantage of the small difference among close neighboring pixels, the secret image can be compressed to be a collection of which each component is either a secret pixel or the difference between two neighboring pixels. Then the collection can(More)
In this research, the mixed mode fracture of a pair of highly rotating metallic blades has been investigated at room temperature using single edge notched specimens. A set of 2-bladed rotor is driven by a 220 volt AC motor and the rotating speed is fixed at 850 rpm. The notch is located in various blade positions from blade root to tip. The correlation of(More)
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