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Spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory (STT-MRAM) has been widely considered as one of the most promising candidates for the next-generation nonvolatile memory technologies, thanks to its attractive features, including high density, high speed, low power and high endurance etc. However, our investigation demonstrates that read disturbance may(More)
Cattle manure was hydrothermally carbonized in acid solutions (0-2% HCl), then nutrient concentration in liquid product and physicochemical properties of hydrochar were characterized to investigate the effects of acid addition on hydrochar properties and nutrient recovery from manure. Results showed that hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) in 2% HCl extracted(More)
cell line SK-CO15 is a new model system to study Na ϩ /H ϩ exchanger 3. cell line represents absorptive polarized intestinal epithelial cells that express multiple forms of Na ϩ /H ϩ exchanger (NHE) in their plasma membranes. Caco-2 cells express the major apical NHE isoform NHE3, but low NHE3 expression together with inefficient transfection often hamper(More)
According to the fact that different behaviors of nutrition at different medium layers would make obviously different effects on rate of algal growth in water system, we established a new numerical model of the algae growth by considering these effects from various nutrition concentrations in water environment, on the surface and inside of algae cell, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Mycosis fungoides (MF) is the most common form of primary cutaneous T cell lymphoma. Narrowband ultraviolet B light (NBUVB) is used increasingly in treating MF because of its good toleration and well-established management. CONCERNS To discuss the risk factors and underlying pathogenic factors in the patients with secondary skin diseases(More)
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