Yi-Qing Chen

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The product of the RON (recepteur d'origine nantais) gene belongs to the MET proto-oncogene family, a distinct subfamily of receptor tyrosine kinases. The ligand of RON was identified as macrophage-stimulating protein (MSP), a member of the plasminogen-related growth factor family. RON is mainly expressed in cells of epithelial origin and is required for(More)
The receptor tyrosine kinase RON (recepteur d'origine nantais), a member of the MET proto-oncogene family, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of certain epithelial cancers including lung adenocarcinomas. To determine the oncogenic potential of RON, transgenic mice were generated using the surfactant protein C promoter to express human wild-type RON in(More)
RON is a receptor tyrosine kinase activated by macrophage-stimulating protein. We demonstrate here that RON activation inhibits LPS-induced apoptosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages and Raw264.7 cells expressing RON or a constitutively active RON mutant. The antiapoptotic effect of RON was accompanied with the inhibition of LPS-induced production of nitric(More)
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