Yi-Qiang Hu

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Active carbon-ceramic sphere as support of ruthenium catalysts were evaluated through the catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) of resin effluent in a packed-bed reactor. Active carbon-ceramic sphere and ruthenium catalysts were characterized by N(2) adsorption and chemisorption measurements. BET surface area and total pore volume of active carbon (AC) in the(More)
AIMS Edaravone is a strong free radical scavenger most used for treating acute ischemic stroke. In this study we investigated the protective effects and underlying mechanisms of edaravone on compression-induced damage in rat nucleus pulposus (NP) cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cell viability was determined using MTT assay methods. NP cell apoptosis was(More)
This manuscript presents a VLSI architecture and its design rule, called embedded instruction code (EIC), to realize discrete wavelet transform (DWT) codec in a single chip. Since the essential computation of DWT is convolution, we build a set of multiplication instruction, MUL, and the addition instruction, ADD, to complete the work. We segment the(More)
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