Yi-Qian Wang

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Peptides and proteins possess an inherent propensity to self-assemble into generic fibrillar nanostructures known as amyloid fibrils, some of which are involved in medical conditions such as Alzheimer disease. In certain cases, such structures can self-propagate in living systems as prions and transmit characteristic traits to the host organism. The(More)
In this paper, we study chaotic synchronization in 1D lattices of two-variable maps coupled with one variable. We give a rigourous proof for the occurrence of chaotic synchronization of spatially homogeneous solutions in such coupled map lattices (CMLs) of lattice size n = 4 with suitable coupling coefficients. For the case of lattice size n > 4, we(More)
In this paper, we study synchronization and asynchronization in a Coupled Lorenz-type Map Lattice (CLML). Lorenz-type map forms a chaotic system with an appropriate discontinuous function. We prove that in a CLML with suitable coupling strength, there is a subset of full measure in the phase space such that chaotic synchronization occurs for any orbit(More)
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