Yi-Ping Cheng

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The anticarcinogenic effect of dietary organosulfur compounds has been partly attributed to their modulation of the activity and expression of phase II detoxification enzymes. Our previous studies indicated that garlic allyl sulfides upregulate the expression of the pi class of glutathione S-transferase (GSTP) through the activator protein-1 pathway. Here,(More)
Andrographolide is the most abundant diterpene lactone in Andrographis paniculata, which is widely used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia. Heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) is an antioxidant enzyme encoded by a stress-responsive gene. HO-1 has been reported to inhibit the expression of adhesion molecules in vascular endothelial cells (EC). Intercellular(More)
A new inference mechanism using bi-level weights sum method for clinical computer assisted shock diagnosis algorithm is proposed in this paper. Shock is a very emergency physiological sign in clinical medicine. It predisposes to multi-organ failure. This inference method provides completely shock trend for clinician’s judgments. We use seven paths to infer(More)
Information on volume–pressure relationships of human lungs is usually based on indirect determination of intrapleural pressure (Pip) obtained from the esophagus. Unfortunately, cardiac beat artifact frequently corrupts measurement of esophageal pressure (Pes). In this study, we presented a modified adaptive noise cancellation (MANC) scheme for removing the(More)
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