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There are numerous applications for wireless sensor networks which are inevitable now a day in our daily life. Majority of such applications which use wireless sensor networks will be in areas where the direct human intervention is impossible. So the limited energy available in such sensors is a threat for prolonging the life of the entire network. The need(More)
The quality of service guaranteed multicast routing problem (QoS-MRP) is an important issue in wireless mesh networks (WMNs). However, the multicast routing is NP-complete problem. In this paper, this problem is transformed into a multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem. We present an improved discrete particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach(More)
Genetic Algorithm (GA) classifier can automatically search a proper clustering number according to fitness evaluation instead of assignment by users. In this study, a GA classifier with various fitness functions is adopted to search the cluster centers and a suitable cluster number for digital images to overcome the disadvantages of the conventional(More)
As more and more utility installation and/or maintenance activities are located in highly congested urban roadways, frequent pavement utility cuts in such areas may cause more traffic disruption as well as deteriorate pavement life and quality. Utility owners normally need to obtain permits from public road authorities before commencing utility activities;(More)
The Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC) is a leading conference in the Bioinformatics community and has grown rapidly since its inception in 2003. The goal of the annual conference series is to enable high quality interaction on bioinformatics research. The past APBC conferences were held in: 1. APBC2003 4-7 Feb 2003: Adelaide Australia 2.(More)
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