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An intelligent battery equalization scheme is presented, based on and accordingly designed as fuzzy logic controlled battery equalization controller (FLC-BEC). It can effectively reduce equalization time. The proposed individual cell equalization (ICE) scheme is a bidirectional dc-dc converter, based on the Ciuk converter operated at discontinuous inductor(More)
The proposed quasi-resonant (QR) zero current switching (ZCS) switched-capacitor (SC) converter is a new type of bi-directional power flow control conversion scheme. They are able to provide the voltage conversion ratios from 2 versus 1/2 (double-mode / half-mode) to n versus 1/n (n-mode / 1/n-mode) by adding a different number of switched-capacitors and(More)
The multi-phase implementation in the QR (quasi resonant) ZCS (zero current switching) SC (switched capacitor) bidirectional DC-DC converter structure has been proposed to reduce current ripple, switching loss and significantly increase the converter efficiency and power density. This approach provides a more precise output voltage to obtain voltage(More)
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