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Although the role of CD14 in recognizing Mycobacterium tuberculosis is well-understood, the possible role of polymorphisms in susceptibility to develop tuberculosis remains unclear. This study evaluates whether there is an association of polymorphisms within the promoter of the CD14 gene with susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis. In a case-control(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the correlation between the absolute quantification of the microRNAs (miR-122, miR-451, miR-92a, miR-192) in serum during acute liver injury and the extent of liver injury on rat models of CCl4 induced acute liver injury and mice models of acetaminophen (APAP) induced acute liver injury. Furthermore, to investigate the correlation(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of macrophage stimulating protein (Msp) on the proliferation, migration and invasion of human non-small cell lung cancer cells PC14. METHODS The eukaryotic expression vector for st1was constructed and transfected into Msp(-)and RON(-)human non-small cell lung cancer cells PC14. The expression of st1mRNA in PC14 cells(More)
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