Yi-Min Xie

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The principal stress based Evolutionary Structural Optimisation (ESO) method is presented herein for topology optimisation of arch, tied arch, cable-stayed and suspension bridges with both stress and displacement constraints. Two performance index formulas are developed to determine the efficiency of the topology design. A refined mesh scheme is proposed to(More)
Evolutionary structural optimization (ESO) has been shown through much published research to be a simple and yet effective method for structural shape and topology optimization. However, attention has been drawn to shortcomings in the method related to the computational efficiency of the algorithm as well as the jagged edge representation of the Finite(More)
Group evolutionary structural optimization (GESO) is a recent modi®cation of evolutionary structural optimization (ESO) that extends the topological method to con®guration optimization. This paper demonstrates the optimization of an aircraft wing with ESO and GESO. The optimization is conducted over some of the major areas involved in the design of an(More)
We describe an optically assisted folding-flash analog-to-digital converter. The periodic transfer function of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer is used to perform analog folding on the electronic signal to be quantized. A novel analog encoding scheme for efficient generation of gray code digital data is proposed. The new encoding scheme eliminates the(More)
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