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For studying the effect of integrin on the [Ca(2+)](i) of mouse eggs and its transmembrane signaling mechanism, zona-free mouse eggs were loaded with calcium probe Fluo-3/AM and the intensity of fluorescence of the eggs treated with different factors was measured through laser confocal microscopy. The results showed that the [Ca(2+)](i) of zona-free mouse(More)
The principal stress based Evolutionary Structural Optimisation (ESO) method is presented herein for topology optimisation of arch, tied arch, cable-stayed and suspension bridges with both stress and displacement constraints. Two performance index formulas are developed to determine the efficiency of the topology design. A refined mesh scheme is proposed to(More)
In order to further understand the association between cellulose and lignin in gymnosperm plant, carbohydrate part of the lignin-carbohydrate complexes was analyzed. Cellulose precursor, i.e., (6(-13) C) uridine diphoshphate glucose, was synthesized, and injected into a living ginkgo tree with lignin inhibitor AOPP and exogenous lignin precursor. The(More)
A new anticoagulant agent was prepared by introducing sulfate groups into corn stover xylan through homogeneous reactions. Three organic solvents, N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and formamide (FA), were adopted as reaction media, with the assistance of LiCl. Structural characterization by FT-IR and 13CNMR showed that xylan sulfate(More)
The results showed that o-quinone and q-quinone had strong absorption while vanillin had nearly no absorption in the 800-900 nm range of near-infrared spectroscopy through the comparison of their near-infrared absorption spectra. It was proved that quinone structure of alkali lignin had strong absorption in the 800-900 nm range of near-infrared(More)
An xylanase producting alkalophilicBacillus NT-9 was obtained by the screening method of transparent zone on the selective medium, and the effects of carbon source and nitrogen source on xylanase production were studied. The medium composed of xylose 1. 5%, (NH4)2 SO4 0.25%, K2HPO4 0.1%, MgSO4 · 7H2O 0.02%, with the initial pH of 10, was suggested to be(More)
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