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CONTEXT The tryptophan hydroxylase 2 (TPH2) gene encodes the first (also the rate-limiting) enzyme in the serotonin biosynthetic pathway. Despite reports of possible associations between polymorphisms in human TPH2 and many psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder (BPD), the functional effect and susceptibility loci of such polymorphisms for BPD(More)
Juvenile milkfish Chanos chanos (Forsskål, 1775) were transferred from a local fish farm to fresh water (FW; 0 per thousand ), brackish water (BW; 10 per thousand, 20 per thousand ) and seawater (SW; 35 per thousand ) conditions in the laboratory and reared for at least two weeks. The blood and gill of the fish adapted to various salinities were analyzed to(More)
As China becomes more influential in the global politics and economy, Mandarin is likely to become an international lingua franca in the near future. Although the importance of learning Chinese seems to be well aware of, learning it is deemed exceptionally difficult for non-native Chinese speakers. The purpose of this paper is to describe the design(More)
BACKGROUND Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) is a mitochondrial enzyme involved in degrading several different biological amines, including serotonin. Although several pieces of evidence suggested that MAOA is important in the etiology of bipolar affective disorder (BPD), associations for markers of the MAOA gene with BPD were not conclusive and the association(More)
The DAZ (Deleted in AZoospermia) gene cluster on the Y chromosome is a strong candidate for the azoospermia factor. The DAZ gene was derived from an autosomal homologue, DAZL (DAZ-Like). This study was designed to assess the functional role of DAZL in human spermatogenesis. The expression patterns and mRNA transcript levels of DAZL in the testes of 17(More)
BACKGROUND Disturbances in serotonin neurotransmission are implicated in the etiology of many psychiatric disorders, including bipolar affective disorder (BPD). The tryptophan hydroxylase gene (TPH), which codes for the enzyme catalyzing the rate-limiting step in serotonin biosynthetic pathway, is one of the leading candidate genes for psychiatric and(More)
B ipolar affective disorder (BPD), a common severe mood disorder characterised by manic and depressive episodes, has an estimated lifetime prevalence of 0.1%–1% in various populations, including that of Taiwan. 1 Although previous studies have strongly suggested the involvement of genetic factors in the aetiology of BPD, the search for predisposing genes(More)
In this study, harmine liposomes (HM-lip) were prepared through the thin-film hydration-pH-gradient method and then coated with N-trimethyl chitosan (TMC). Particle size, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency, and in vitro release of HM-lip and TMC-coated harmine liposomes (TMC-HM-lip) were also determined. Sprague Dawley rats were further used to(More)
  • Lee T, Kim, +8 authors Kim
  • 2011
This paper introduces the 10b 1MS/s 0.5mW SAR ADC with double sampling technique. It utilizes the double sampling technique to reduce power. The SAR ADC is implemented in CMOS 1P8M 65nm technology and occupies 0.111um 2. The maximum sampling rate is 1MS/s. The simulated SNDR and SFDR are 55.6dB and 62.7dB, respectively at input frequency of 484kHz. Power(More)
The paper introduces a 3D online role playing simulation and game targeted at people who learn Chinese as their second language. In order to ease the cultural barriers while learning language, the simulation and game is implemented in an immersive learning environment featuring on an ancient China village. The village is designed with metaphorical(More)