Yi-Mao Hsiao

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This paper proposes a remote thin client system for real time multimedia streaming over VNC. A remote frame can be split as two parts, i.e. high motion part and low motion part, and transmitted through the Internet from servers to clients according to the proposed hybrid RTP protocol. A Dynamic Image Detection Scheme (DIDS) is proposed to automatically(More)
Delivering multimedia streaming on Internet remains several limitations, such as bandwidth fluctuations and network conjunction. We present a multimedia gateway design including dynamic bandwidth estimation, SVC extractor and buffer management to resolve the limitations. The dynamic bandwidth estimation not only selects the appropriate SVC sub-stream, but(More)
With the growing of internet service, multimedia applications require higher communication speed. The network traffic has rapidly increased that produces amount of interrupts, memory copies and checksum calculation in end system. The CPU workload is heavy and the processing of network protocol task is the bottleneck. In this paper, we propose a UDP/IP ASIC(More)
With the growing of Internet service and users, multimedia video streaming application becomes more popular. There are two limitations: limited bandwidth affects high quality video delivery and high bit error ratio reduces system throughput. A packet with bit error is dropped in transport layer. H.264/AVC support high coding efficiency and network friendly.(More)
With the increasing of multimedia application, the network traffic have become heavy and increased the CPU loading. The main limitations for real-time multimedia networking are memory copies and interrupts. In this paper, a proposed system which have a dual CPU architecture will accelerate real-time multimedia transfer on the networking. An FPGA prototyping(More)