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Because the cost of attracting new customers is much higher than the cost of retaining old customers, keeping customers loyal is a crucial issue for service firms. This research explores how relationship quality and switching barriers influence customer loyalty. Relationship quality consists of two aspects: satisfaction and trust. Antecedents of(More)
AbstrAct End-user satisfaction has always been an important component of Information Systems (IS) success. This is also true for online applications, including online shopping systems, where in addition to being a customer, the shoppers play the role of end-users. Shoppers may not come back to or make a purchase on a Web site if they have an unsatisfactory(More)
Several key biological mechanisms of traumatic injury to axons have been elucidated using in vitro stretch injury models. These models, however, are based on the experimentation of single cultures keeping productivity slow. Indeed, low yield has hindered important and well-founded investigations requiring high throughput methods such as proteomic analyses.(More)
Burst-mode data is obtained when a SAR system is operated in ScanSAR mode. Missing data in the burst gaps makes it difficult to use traditional phase-preserving algorithms to produce single look complex (SLC) data. In this paper, three phase-preserving algorithms for burst-mode data compression are examined and compared to find the best algorithm for(More)
Introduction: Dynamic MRI (DMRI) is relevant in cardio-vascular, pulmonary, contrast enhanced, flow, and vocal tract imaging applications. The emergence of highly accelerated DMRI based on sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction has created an exciting opportunity to improve the achievable spatio-temporal resolution, volumetric coverage, and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to develop and evaluate a T1 -weighted dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI methodology where tracer-kinetic (TK) parameter maps are directly estimated from undersampled (k,t)-space data. THEORY AND METHODS The proposed reconstruction involves solving a nonlinear least squares optimization problem that includes explicit(More)