Yi-Lun Chen

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Collagen is an important and widely used biomaterial and therapeutic. The construction of large-scale collagen structures via the self-assembly of small collagen-related peptides has been extensively studied in the past decade. Here, we report a highly effective and simple means to assemble small synthetic collagen-related peptides into various higher-order(More)
Many Chinese therapeutic herbs that are traditionally used in combination demonstrate significantly better pharmacological effects when used in the combination than when used alone. However, the pharmacological mechanism for this synergism is still not well understood. In the present study, the antioxidant activities of six herbs ((Paeonia lactiflora (PL),(More)
Conventional inorganic mass spectrometric (MS) analysis of metals can require time-consuming and tedious sample preparation. We thus report the novel and direct characterization of metals in solid samples using an organic MS technique known as electrospray laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (ELDI/MS). No sample pretreatment was needed, and(More)
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