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Gene Ontology (GO), the de facto standard in gene functionality description, is used widely in functional annotation and enrichment analysis. Here, we introduce agriGO, an integrated web-based GO analysis toolkit for the agricultural community, using the advantages of our previous GO enrichment tool (EasyGO), to meet analysis demands from new technologies(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNA) are approximately 21 nucleotide-long non-coding small RNAs, which function as post-transcriptional regulators in eukaryotes. miRNAs play essential roles in regulating plant growth and development. In recent years, research into the mechanism and consequences of miRNA action has made great progress. With whole genome sequence available in(More)
Rice is a very important food staple that feeds more than half the world's population. Two major Asian cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.) subspecies, japonica and indica, show significant phenotypic variation in their stress responses. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenotypic variation are still largely unknown. A common link among(More)
The first ncRNA found was an alanine tRNA in baker's yeast, and the first detected microRNAs (miRNAs) promoted ncRNA research to a whole new level. Research on ncRNAs in animals has focused on the medical field, while in plant scientists are more concerned with improving agronomic traits. In 2010, we constructed a plant miRNA database named PMRD to meet the(More)
Loop quantum cosmology provides a nice solution of avoiding the big bang singularity through a big bounce mechanism in the high energy region. In loop quantum cosmology an inflationary universe is emergent after the big bounce, no matter what matter component is filled in the universe. A super-inflation phase without phantom matter will appear in a certain(More)
We define supersymmetric spin networks, which provide a complete set of gauge invariant states for supergravity and supersymmetric gauge theories. The particular case of Osp(1/2) is studied in detail and applied to the non-perturbative quantization of supergravity. The supersymmetric extension of the area operator is defined and partly diagonalized. The(More)
The cotton diploid species, Gossypium arboreum, shows important properties of stress tolerance and good genetic stability. In this study, through mRNA-seq, we de novo assembled the unigenes of multiple samples with 3h H(2)O, NaCl, or PEG treatments in leaf, stem and root tissues and successfully obtained 123,579 transcripts of G. arboreum, 89,128 of which(More)
We show that N = 1 supergravity with a cosmological constant can be expressed as constrained topological field theory based on the supergroup Osp(1|4). The theory is then extended to include timelike boundaries with finite spatial area. Consistent boundary conditions are found which induce a boundary theory based on a supersym-metric Chern-Simons theory.(More)
Soybean (Glycine max L.) is one of the world’s most important leguminous crops producing high-quality protein and oil. Increasing the relative oil concentration in soybean seeds is many researchers’ goal, but a complete analysis platform of functional annotation for the genes involved in the soybean acyl-lipid pathway is still lacking. Following the success(More)