Yi-Lin Hong

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C. elegans cki-1 encodes a member of the CIP/KIP family of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, and functions to link postembryonic developmental programs to cell cycle progression. The expression pattern of cki-1::GFP suggests that cki-1 is developmentally regulated in blast cells coincident with G1, and in differentiating cells. Ectopic expression of CKI-1(More)
During postembryonic development of Caenorhabditis elegans, the heterochronic gene lin-14 controls the timing of developmental events in diverse cell types. Three alternative lin-14 transcripts are predicted to encode isoforms of a novel nuclear protein that differ in their amino-terminal domains. In this paper, we report that the alternative amino-terminal(More)
Spinach (Spinacea oleracea L.) nitrate reductase (NR) is inactivated by phosphorylation on serine-543, followed by binding of the phosphorylated enzyme to 14-3-3 proteins. We purified one of several chromatographically distinct NRserine-543 kinases from spinach leaf extracts, and established by Edman sequencing of 80 amino acid residues that it is a(More)
In order to determine the biological roles of the inhibitor of DNA-binding-1/inhibitor of differentiation-1 (ID-1) protein in MGC803 and AGS cell lines, we ectopically expressed or downregulated ID-1 in the both gastric cell lines and measured various parameters of tumor cell development, including cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, apoptosis and(More)
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