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Patents' search is increasingly critical for a company's technological advancement and sustainable marketing strategy. When most innovative designs are created collaboratively by a diverse team of researchers and technologists, patent knowledge management becomes time consuming with repeated efforts creating additional task conflicts. This research develops(More)
Electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) moving fluid by surface tension effects offers some advantages, including simplicity of fabrication, control of minute volumes, rapid mixing, low cost and others. This work presents a numerical model using a commercial software, CFD-ACE+, and an EWOD system including a microfluidic device, a microprocessor, electric(More)
Zikir has been known to have a direct impact on the individual. Zikir is able to help individuals make behavioural changes. Zikir is known to have an impact on the mind, emotions and behaviour. An investigation was conducted to identify the extent implemented zikir able to help individuals make changes themselves. Clinical studies carried out by taking 219(More)
Patents are critical intangible assets for enabling an enterprise's creation and technology. Patent knowledge management is a time consuming task that often dominates the valuable time of R&D staff. This research develops an intelligent recommendation methodology and system for efficient and effective patent search. The system provides an algorithm(More)
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