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Similarity search in time-series databases has received signiicant attention lately. Popular techniques for eecient retrieval of time sequences in time-series databases has been to use Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). Recently, the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) has gained popular interest in database domain and several proposals have been made to(More)
Unsolicited commercial email (UCE), also known as spam, has been a major problem on the Internet. In the past, researchers have addressed this problem as a text classification or categorization problem. However, as spammers' techniques continue to evolve and the genre of email content becomes more and more diverse, text-based anti-spam approaches alone are(More)
We propose an adaptive skin-detection method, which allows modelling and detection of the true skin-color pixels with significantly higher accuracy and flexibility than previous methods. In principle, the proposed approach follows a two-step process. For a given image, we first perform a rough skin classification using a generic skin-model which defines the(More)
For more than a decade, researchers have actively explored the area of image/video analysis and retrieval. Yet one fundamental problem remains largely unsolved: how to measure perceptual similarity between two objects. For this purpose, most researchers employ a Minkowski-type metric. Unfortunately, the Minkowski metric does not reliably find similarities(More)
Users of the Web are overloaded with information. This medium is " polluted " with redundant, erroneous and low quality information. A WWW survey of 11,700 users conducted from April 10 to May 10, 1996[1] indicates that 30.31% of the users report " finding known info " is their problem and 27.80% of the users report organizing collected information as their(More)
Due to variations of lighting conditions, camera hardware settings, and the range of skin coloration among human beings, a pre-defined skin-color model cannot accurately capture the wide distribution of skin colors in individual images. In this paper, we propose an adaptive skin-detection method, which allows modeling true skin-color distribution with(More)
We present a framework for multi-camera video surveillance. The framework consists of three phases: <i>detection</i>, <i>representation</i>, and <i>recognition</i>. The <i>detection</i> phase handles multi-source spatio-temporal data fusion for efficiently and reliably extracting motion trajectories from video. The <i>representation</i> phase summarizes raw(More)
Data cubes are designed to provide aggregate information that can be used to analyze the contents of databases and data warehouses. A range query applies an aggregation operation (e.g., SUM, AVERAGE) over all selected cells in a data cube, where the selection is speciied by providing ranges of values on diierent dimensions. Previous approaches to process(More)