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Chirality plays a significant role in the physical properties and biological functions of many biological materials, e.g., climbing tendrils and twisted leaves, which exhibit chiral growth. However, the mechanisms underlying the chiral growth of biological materials remain unclear. In this paper, we investigate how the Towel Gourd tendrils achieve their(More)
The present paper studied the methodology of carbon nanotube (CNT) sensor applicable for the strain measurement in microscale. Based on the varieties of polarization configurations of the Raman spectrometers, a series of analytic expressions of CNT sensor were derived by applying the Raman properties of the CNT, such as the strain sensitivity and the(More)
An analytical approach is presented to predict the elastic properties of a monolayer graphene nanosheet based on interatomic potential energy and continuum mechanics. The elastic extension and torsional springs are utilized to simulate the stretching and angle variation of carbon-carbon bond, respectively. The constitutive equation of the graphene nanosheet(More)
Deformation mechanisms of carbon nanotube (CNT) fibres under tensile loading are studied by means of in situ Raman spectroscopy to detect the CNT deformation and stress distributions in the fibres. The G' band in the Raman spectrum responds distinctly to the tensile stress in Raman shift, width and intensity. The G' band changes with the tensile deformation(More)
We present a new method of regional identification, partition, and integral (RIPI) phase unwrapping for processing images, especially those with low quality, obtained from moiré interferometry experiments. By introducing the principle of preorder traversal of a general tree in data structures and then by applying the idea of a regional integral, the(More)
A strain sensor composed of carbon nanotubes with Raman spectroscopy can achieve measurement of the three in-plane strain components in microscale. Based on previous work on the mathematic model of carbon nanotube strain sensors, this paper presents a detailed study on the optimization, diversification, and standardization of a CNT strain sensor from the(More)
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