Yi Kan Wang

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UNLABELLED The wide variety of published approaches for the problem of regulatory network inference makes using multiple inference algorithms complex and time-consuming. Network Analysis and Inference Library (NAIL) is a set of software tools to simplify the range of computational activities involved in regulatory network inference. It uses a modular(More)
Many studies have revealed correlations between breast tumour phenotypes, variations in gene expression, and patient survival outcomes. The molecular heterogeneity between breast tumours revealed by these studies has allowed prediction of prognosis and has underpinned stratified therapy, where groups of patients with particular tumour types receive specific(More)
We develop a new regression algorithm, cMIKANA, for inference of gene regulatory networks from combinations of steady-state and time-series gene expression data. Using simulated gene expression datasets to assess the accuracy of reconstructing gene regulatory networks, we show that steady-state and time-series data sets can successfully be combined to(More)
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