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Involvement of Histone Demethylase LSD1 in Blimp-1-Mediated Gene Repression during Plasma Cell Differentiation
ABSTRACT Plasma cell differentiation is orchestrated by the transcriptional repressor B lymphocyte-induced maturation protein-1 (Blimp-1), which silences the gene expression program of mature BExpand
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Galectin-1 Promotes Immunoglobulin Production during Plasma Cell Differentiation1
Galectin-1, a β-galactoside-binding soluble lectin, has been implicated in regulating immune system homeostasis. We investigated the function of galectin-1 in plasma cell differentiation and foundExpand
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Vaccination of monoglycosylated hemagglutinin induces cross-strain protection against influenza virus infections
Significance Influenza epidemics continue to be a threat to public health, and the recent human cases of avian viruses of H5N1, H7N9, and H6N1 in Asia raise the possibility of a new disastrousExpand
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Evidence that negative feedback between antibody concentration and affinity regulates humoral response consolidation to a non-infectious antigen in infants.
The dynamics of human antigen-specific immunoglobulin (Ig) responses in early life are not well characterized. We have previously observed an inverse relationship between allergen-specific IgExpand
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Transcription Factor ABF-1 Suppresses Plasma Cell Differentiation but Facilitates Memory B Cell Formation
Ag-primed B cells that result from an immune response can form either memory B cells or Ab-secreting plasma cells; however, the molecular machinery that controls this cellular fate is poorlyExpand
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High throughput discovery of influenza virus neutralizing antibodies from phage-displayed synthetic antibody libraries
Pandemic and epidemic outbreaks of influenza A virus (IAV) infection pose severe challenges to human society. Passive immunotherapy with recombinant neutralizing antibodies can potentially mitigateExpand
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Antibody-drug conjugates with HER2-targeting antibodies from synthetic antibody libraries are highly potent against HER2-positive human gastric tumor in xenograft models
ABSTRACT HER2-ECD (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 – extracellular domain) is a prominent therapeutic target validated for treating HER2-positive breast and gastric cancer, but HER2-specificExpand
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Effective binding to protein antigens by antibodies from antibody libraries designed with enhanced protein recognition propensities
ABSTRACT Antibodies provide immune protection by recognizing antigens of diverse chemical properties, but elucidating the amino acid sequence-function relationships underlying the specificity andExpand
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Abstract 316: Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cell-like transcript 2 (TLT-2) and TLR-4 contribute to activation of human dendritic cells via ERK signaling pathway
Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cell (TREM) proteins are a family of receptors that regulate many different cell processes. TREM-like transcript 2 (TLT-2) is one of these TREM proteins. ItExpand