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OBJECTIVE To compare the anticancer effects of flavonoids extracts of Scurrula parasitica from different host trees in vitro. METHOD 80% ethanol extracts of S. parasitica parasitizing on Nernium indicum, Morus alba, Opsmanthus fragrans, and Sapindus mulorossi were purified by polyamides column chromatography, and the eluates of 30%, 50%, 70% and 90%(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the in vitro anticancer effect of Nispex, the total flavonoids extract from Scurrula parasitic L. METHODS The cell proliferation inhibitory effects of Nispex on various kinds of tumor cells or non-tumor cells in human and rats were detected with MTT assay and colony forming assay respectively, the cell apoptosis induced by Nispex was(More)
In this paper, we estimate the star-diaphony and the diaphony of the Roth sequence and the Zaremba sequence using their L 2-discrepancy formula given by Halton and Zaremba (see 3]), and White (see 17]). The optimal estimates and the exact asymptotic behaviours of the star-diaphony and the diaphony of both sequences are given. Moreover, the exact asymptotic(More)
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