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Playing a music instrument relies on the harmonious body movements. Motor sequences are trained to achieve the perfect performances in musicians. Thus, the information from audio signal is not enough to understand the sensorimotor programming in players. Recently, the investigation of muscular activities of players during performance has attracted our(More)
An audio-to-score alignment system adaptive to various playing styles and techniques, and also with high accuracy for onset/offset annotation is the key step toward advanced research on automatic music expression analysis. Technical barriers include the processing of overlapped notes, repeated note sequences, and silence. Most of these characteristics vary(More)
In recent years, more and more people use Internet and with the improvements of communication technology, information-sharing trends has surged over Internet. Bit-Torrent is a well-known P2P application used for distributing large amounts of data and exchange digital content with high efficiently and scalability. Unfortunately, many users do not get(More)
Mispronunciation detection and diagnosis are part and parcel of a computer assisted pronunciation training (CAPT) system, collectively facilitating second-language (L2) learners to pinpoint erroneous pronunciations in a given utterance so as to improve their spoken proficiency. This thesis presents a continuation of such a general line of research and the(More)
Evaluation of performances of musical instruments is usually subjective. It may be easier for keyboard instruments. For bowed-string instruments such as a violin, delicate articulations are required in its performance such that there exhibit much complexities in its sound, making the evaluation more difficult. In this paper, a note separation algorithm(More)
Musical Note Analysis of Solo Violin Recordings Using Recursive Regularization EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing 2014, 2014:25 doi:10.1186/s13636-0140025-6 Yi-Ju Lin (lyjca.cs96@g2.nctu.edu.tw) Tien-Ming Wang (showmin@csie.ncku.edu.tw) Ta-Chun Chen (titmis@gmail.com) Yin-Lin Chen (truehanyo@hotmail.com) Wei-Chen Chang(More)
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