Yi-Ju Chiang

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Wireless sensor networks are an emerging research domain for a wide range of potential applications. Their importance has been enforced by the delivery of IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Network (ZSN). Power consumption is an interesting challenge to prolong the operational lifetime of ZSN. ZigBee routers closer to the ZigBee coordinator (ZC) have a larger(More)
The power management issue has always been a critical concern in cloud computing for supporting rapid growth of data centers. In this paper, our strategy is to implement working vacation (WV) to lower and eliminate unnecessary power consumed by idle servers. Two green systems are first proposed where one implements a single WV and the other implements(More)
Cloud computing is a new paradigm for delivering remote computing resources through a network. However, achieving an energy-efficiency control and simultaneously satisfying a performance guarantee have become critical issues for cloud providers. In this paper, three power-saving policies are implemented in cloud systems to mitigate server idle power. The(More)
BACKGROUND To examine the baseline metabolic monitoring (MetMon) for second generation antipsychotics (SGA) among patients with schizophrenia in the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 16 of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). METHODS VISN16 electronic medical records for 10/2002-08/2005 were used to identify patients with schizophrenia who(More)
Cloud computing is an innovative service platform to offer diverse resources such as infrastructure, platform and software as services. However, one challenging aspect of such a service is the impatient user threat, which directly leads to numerous negative impacts such as poor throughput, unpredictable workload and waste of resources. In this paper, the(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal depression can be harmful to both mothers and their children. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) supplementation has been investigated as an alternative intervention for pregnant women with depressive symptoms because of the supporting evidence from clinical trials in major depression, the safety advantage, and its(More)
Recently, the emergence of the cloud computing offers innovative services models to share computing resources through the internet. However, with the ever increasing in operating costs, resources management becomes the major concerns for cloud providers. In this paper, two scheduling policies are presented to stay away from the risk of over-provisioning and(More)
With the ever-increasing popularity of the cloud platform, cloud backup scheme attracts more attention from both industry and academia. For cloud providers, profit evaluation of server farms is an important issue of cloud computing economics. Optimal logistic policy should be considered to be an indispensible design simultaneously for providing qualified(More)
Power consumption is an essentially important issue and an interesting challenge to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network (WSN). Sensors closer to a sink node have a larger forwarding traffic burden and consume more energy than nodes further away from the sink. The whole operational lifetime of WSN is deteriorated because of such an uneven node(More)
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