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In the past, when mining the ability of human, the traditional intelligence tests and aptitude tests are used to predict mostly. However, this approach cannot get the personal ability to work in the workplace, and therefore competency as a basis for assessing the ability to work in the workplace. The definition of competency in Taiwan means to accomplish a(More)
The existing antidepressants demonstrated delayed onset of clinical effects, so fast-onset antidepressants are required. Essential oil of herbs showed potentials fast-onset antidepressant potential. First, its aromatic odor can directly activate olfactory nerves; its high lipophilicity causes a high blood-brain barrier penetration rate; and its high(More)
<i>Seam carving</i> is a content-aware image resizing method [Shamir and Avidan 2007], which assigns Sobel-operator-based energy to each pixel and describes seams as the eight-connected paths of pixels. Successive removal of the optimal seams, i.e., those seams with the lowest sum of energy, allows reduction in image size. Pixels with lower energy are(More)
Nardonaphthalenones A and B (1-2), one new apo-α-carotenone (3) and four new monoterpenoids (4, 8-9 and 11), along with six known compounds (5-7, 10, 12-13) were isolated from the dried roots and rhizomes of Nardostachys chinensis Batal. Their structures were elucidated by analysis of the spectroscopic data including NMR, HRESIMS and circular dichroism(More)
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