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The problem of data integration throughout the lifecycle of a construction project among multiple collaborative enterprises remains unsolved due to the dynamics and fragmented nature of the construction industry. This study presents a novel cloud approach that, focusing on China’s special construction requirements, proposes a series of as-built BIM(More)
With the influence of CSCW, model integrated computing plus platform based rapid prototype becomes a promising co-design paradigm in embedded system domain. Testing remains a key issue and becomes a bottleneck. Model-driven-testing (MDT) is an ongoing approach aiming to solve the problem. Capture and analysis of run-time testing result in prototype system(More)
Lifecycle and effective dada management has become and still remains a difficult task in architecture, engineering, and construction domain. Recently, the emerging Building Information Modeling (BIM) gains more and more momentum in construction data presenting, processing, and sharing. With precise 3D digital geometry graphs, BIM has the potential to(More)
Cloud computing has become an emerging new computing paradigm. However, the issue of providing complex enterprise product family cloud is not well addressed so far. This article presents a framework featuring an in-depth extension to WSDL and an application oriented semi-automation semantic web service composition algorithm to solve the problem. The(More)
The intrinsic construction project nature of one-of-a-kind and the requirement of massive data exchange make collaboration one of the critical factors towards success. However, due to the complexity of multiple phases and multi-disciplinary participants in project life cycle, industry level collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)(More)
This paper extends DDF (dynamic date flow graph) to a large-grain model which can guide system design in function level. The adoption of a novel algorithm, as well as a formal definition for cDDF, strengthens the capacity of DDF as a formal specification model. Starting from a lower level of abstraction, it merges sub-modules into a larger one by extracting(More)
The demand for quickly delivering robust enterprise applications has increasingly become a business imperative today. Semantic web technologies have received much interest due to their prospect in facilitating seamless legacy system integration in support of new functionality development. In this article, we present a team collaboration oriented development(More)
Currently much research has been made on multi-agent system (MAS) in CSCD field, especially on exception handling, which is not yet well-addressed due to its sophistication. Conflict between and among agents is of primary in exception presentation, consequently conflict resolution (CR) still plays a central role in collaborative design system. In this paper(More)
We propose a formal model to verify authentication protocols with timeout strategy. After investigating a state-of-the-art model checker named SATMC, the connotative time involved in the rule labels is revealed and utilized, which allows us to re-evaluate the security of authentication protocols with timeout strategy. We illustrate our model by analyzing(More)
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