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Study of polycrystalline-Si thin film transistors with different channel layer thickness at low bias voltage " , Microelectronics Engineering, in press, 2010. Formation of n-channel polycrystalline-Si thin-film transistors by dual source/drain implantation ," in press, Solid-State Electron. 2010. Formation of 30-V power DMOSFET's by implementing(More)
The objective of this study is to elucidate the role of H2O2 in wheat male sterility induced by SQ-1, a new kind of chemical hybridizing agent. We investigated the effects of SQ-1 + DMTU and SQ-1 on the content of H2O2, the transcript levels and activities of SOD, POD, CAT, and APX, and the relative male sterility rate and seed setting rate, and starch-KI(More)
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