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This paper proposes Runge-Kutta neural networks (RKNNs) for identification of unknown dynamical systems described by ordinary differential equations (i.e., ordinary differential equation or ODE systems) with high accuracy. These networks are constructed according to the Runge-Kutta approximation method. The main attraction of the RKNNs is that they(More)
BACKGROUND In the organ transplant process, the perioperative nurse plays an important role in assisting with organ procurement, during which they are frequently required to witness the death of donors. Their experiences and feelings regarding such are largely hidden and little discussed. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to understand the experience,(More)
Enterovirus type 71 (EV71) 2A protease exhibited strong transcriptional activity in yeast cells. The transcriptional activity of 2A protease was independent of its protease activity. EV71 2A protease retained its transcriptional activity after truncation of 40 amino acids at the N-terminus but lost this activity after truncation of 60 amino acids at the(More)
Three structurally unrelated p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) inhibitors, (4-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(4-methylsulfinylphenyl)-5-(4-pyridyl)imidazole (SB203580), 1-5-tert-butyl-2-p-tolyl-2H-pyrazol-3-yl)-3-[4-(2-morpholin-4-yl-ethoxy)naphthalen-1-yl] urea (BIRB 796) and(More)
The United Nations proclaimed that the year 1981 was the International Year of Disabled Persons. Countries worldwide vigorously promote a barrier-free environment to achieve the goal of equal opportunities and full participation. Therefore, providing disabled students with a barrier-free campus environment is an issue that demands substantial attention from(More)
preview 1 Paper title: Ambiguous problem-solving in the product development process: Japanese practices Abstract: In our observations, some Japanese companies tend to ask their suppliers to become involved in their procurement of materials and/or joint product development projects, with undefined requests as proposals. We tried to comprehend this curious(More)
In recent years, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology has been widely used in many wireless communication systems, including LTE and WiMAX. Bandwidth is always precious over wireless channel, so it is important to have an effective bandwidth arrangement. On a multi-user system, each user needs to share entire bandwidth with others.(More)
Background: Although more and more women are becoming physicians, their decisions regarding pregnancy may be affected by the lengthy period of medical education and postgraduate training. The aim of this study was to explore the birth trends among female physicians in Taiwan; Methods: Retrospective analyses of maternal ages at delivery from 1996 to 2013,(More)
Many family physicians still practice at an old age. Nevertheless, their practice patterns have scarcely been studied. To address this lack of research, the current study analyzed claims data for a total of 2,018,440 visits to 171 family physicians in 2011 sourced from Taiwan's National Health Insurance Research Database. Family physicians aged 65 years and(More)