Yi-Hua Tina Wang

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a We consider the quality of a process which can be characterized by a general linear profile where the random error has a contaminated normal distribution. On the basis of trimmed least squares estimation, new control charts for monitoring the coefficient parameters and/or the error variance of the profile are proposed. Simulation studies show that the(More)
We present a new technique for physically-plausible shape blending by interpolating the <i>spring rest length</i> parameters of a mass-spring system. This blendshape method begins by constructing two consistent mass-spring systems (i.e., with vertex-wise correspondence and the same topology) for source and target shapes, respectively, and setting the two(More)
Using images to texture 3D models to create realistic 3D models is an important task in computer graphics. However, if the object shape of the casual image is not similar to the target model, the textured model would be strange since the image is severely distorted. In this extended abstract, we present a novel texturing and deforming approach for mapping(More)
Source image Input model Result Figure 1: Overview of our method. Given a casual image obtained from the Internet, and a triangle mesh model, we compute the texture mapping and shape deformation interleaving. This example uses a tiger image downloaded from the Internet with low tails, and its head face to the ground, but the model originally has straight(More)
N-Acylsulfonamide derivatives have important applications in organic synthesis and drug discovery. It was found that many problems occurred preparing amino acid derived N-acylsulfonamides with the commonly used coupling approach in our previous studies. In this paper, we report an efficient approach to synthesize various amino acids derived(More)
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