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We have expressed the putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase encoded by the potyvirus tobacco vein mottling virus (TVMV) in Escherichia coli as a glutathione S-transferase fusion protein. As prepared, the fusion protein possessed the poly(U) polymerase activity that is a hallmark of other picornavirus-encoded polymerases. In addition, this protein was able(More)
Recent studies have shown that potyvirus VPg/ proteinases and RNA-dependent RNA polymerases are capable of protein-protein interactions in yeast cells. We have extended these studies in vitro. We found that tobacco vein mottling virus (TVMV) VPg is retained on glutathione-Sepharose matrices if co-incubated with a glutathione S-transferase (GST)-NIb fusion(More)
The two-hybrid system was used to test for pairwise interactions between the tobacco vein mottling virus (TVMV)-encoded RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (or NIb protein) and two other TVMV-encoded proteins: the NIa protein, which consists of genome-linked protein (VPg) and proteinase domains, and the viral coat protein (CP). Using this approach, we find that(More)
In this study, the antiproliferative effect of bis(acetylacetonato)-oxidovanadium(IV) and sodium metavanadate and the underlying mechanisms were investigated in human pancreatic cancer cell line AsPC-1. The results showed that both exhibited an antiproliferative effect through inducing G2/M cell cycle arrest and can also cause elevation of reactive oxygen(More)
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