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An electrically reconfigurable liquid-core/liquid-cladding (L(2)) optical waveguide with core liquid γ-butyrolactone (GBL, ncore = 1.4341, εcore = 39) and silicone oil (ncladding = 1.401, εcladding = 2.5) as cladding liquid is accomplished using dielectrophoresis (DEP) that attracts and deforms the core liquid with the greater permittivity to occupy the(More)
A micro objective lens with the numerical aperture (NA) of 0.65 and clear aperture of 1.1mm was designed, fabricated, and tested for the proposed blue-light small-form-factor optical pickup head system. It adopted the finite optical conjugation and could be produced by using the glass molding technique. The experimental results verify the optical(More)
Micro polarizing beam splitters (micro PBS) are required in micro optical systems for sensing and signal processing when the polarization state is a concern. In this paper, silicon nitride thin films with low stress and low absorption at 405 nm wavelength were investigated. The reflectance and the transmittance of TM and TE modes of a pop-up micro-PBS(More)
Accelerometers have been used in a wide range of applications such as automobiles, mobile phones, and game controllers. In this paper, we present a monolithic complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor micro-electromechanical systems (CMOS-MEMS) accelerometer with frequency output. The output oscillation frequency can be converted to a digital code by using a(More)
Sinusoidal wave type distortions of La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 in the low-temperature orthorhombic phase were observed using multi-beam resonant X-ray diffraction (MRXD) with (7/4 7/4 0) fractional primary diffraction. Two four-beam diffractions with opposite asymmetry were measured at 6.5545 keV and compared with the curves simulated by the dynamical X-ray diffraction(More)
This paper presents the prism-type holographic optical element (PT-HOE) design for a small-form-factor (SFF) optical pickup head (OPH). The surface of the PT-HOE was simulated by three steps of optimization and generated by binary optics. Its grating pattern was fabricated on the inclined plane of a microprism by using the standard photolithography and(More)
A surface-micromachined high-extinction-ratio polarizing beam splitter (PBS) using low absorptive silicon nitride layers for blue wavelength applications are demonstrated. The micro polarizing beam splitter consists of novel stack of two silicon nitride layers separated by an air gap. A PBS optimization model is established to achieve both high(More)
This paper reports a novel fabrication process to integrate SU-8 negative resist on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. In this surface-micromachining-like process, the device layer of the SOI substrate and the SU-8 layer are two structural layers, separated by an oxide sacrificial layer. The stress-free and single-crystalline nature of the top SOI layer(More)
A stress-induced curved polysilicon actuator with a grating is achieved for the application of recordable optical pickups, which have been realized on a single silicon chip using a two-layer poly-silicon and one-layer silicon nitride micro-machining process. Three diffracted beams with equal intensity in each order from the grating were generated while(More)