Yi-Hsuan Lin

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In recent year with the widespread use of mobile device, Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) technology has been attracted attention day by day. Due to MANETs don't need the infrastructure, it can deploy fast and conveniently in any environment. Because of its easy deployment features, in addition to used in personal area networks, home area networks and so on.(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are becoming very popular since various applications such as media streaming and voice over IP use these networks in different environment settings without the need for a client-server structure. P2P protocols have been originally designed for traditional wired networks, and when deployed in wireless network environments, several(More)
Numerous licenses confuse new participants in the free/open source software (FOSS) world. In this paper, we provide a general introduction to eleven commonly-used FOSS licenses. By applying seven specific considerations that are proposed in our study, developers can identify which license suits their needs best. We further use the above considerations to(More)
Codebook is a useful precoding technique for bandwidth limited systems because only few bits are required to feedback channel information. Many researchers propose several codebook selection criteria for linear receivers. However, these selection criteria are very computationally intensive, and most of them are not feasible for aperiodic feedback reporting(More)
Golf is well known worldwide as a prestigious and enjoyable sport. However, access to golf has been limited by high training costs, such as coaching fees, equipment, and course/driving range fees. This paper proposes a cost-effective golf analysis system which is designed for novice players. This system integrates the Wii balance board the Kinect sensors to(More)
The codebook-based precoding is an effective technique to enhance the performance of LTE system over a limited-bandwidth feedback link. Among various precoder selection criteria, only mutual information selection criterion (MI-SC) and bit error rate selection criterion (BER-SC) are applicable to the codebook which is essential for the maximum number of(More)
With the rapid development of current industry, it becomes a more important issue that greenhouse gases are emitted. And many people found the increased of global surface temperature. In Taiwan, the issue also becomes popular, There are many greener electronic products that we can find in marketplace. The Taiwan Power Company implemented the discount(More)
The multicast describes the distribution of structures from just one single node to number of destinations. These real-time services have a stringent necessity of QoS factors like bandwidth, delay, jitter etc. to ensure clean, consistent, and fair sign to the receivers. In this paper, in the proposed technique the issue of multi-cast tree has been removed(More)