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Little is known regarding the role of inter-cellular interaction during neuronal differentiation. Homophilic N-cadherin engagement between cells contributes to neuronal migration. However, its function in neurite initiation is not clear. In this study, we provide the first evidence that the adaptor protein SH2B1β regulated N-cadherin levels and neurite(More)
This study examines how transformational leadership influences value co-creation in virtual communities through various driving factors. Considering that participants of the same virtual community may experience a context effect resulting from perceived organizational consensus, this study employs a hierarchical linear model (HLM) for verification. This(More)
With the rapid development and penetration of music streaming services, more and more providers have sought to seize the market opportunities. How to maintain a strong subscription base thus becomes a challenge in this industry. This study draws on the service-dominant logic to explore the influence of platform attributes and content attributes on service(More)
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