Yi-Hsiang Liu

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Ectopic pancreatic tissue is an uncommon developmental anomaly. The condition mostly occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and is usually asymptomatic. It rarely causes symptoms of inflammation, bleeding and perforation, and has potential for malignant change. Though it is an uncommon condition, cases of ectopic pancreas have been reported worldwide.(More)
Word Complexity Measure (WCM, Stoel-Gammon, 2010) is a system of phonological assessment for children's speech productions, a method that focuses on the complexity rather than accuracy. With its flexible parameter program, the assessment can be adjusted to the phonological properties of different languages. In the current study, the WCM was used to assess(More)
Plectin is one of the cytolinker proteins that play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of cellular architecture. It is a component of desmosome complexes connecting cytoskeletal proteins and trans-membrane molecules. In epithelial cells, plectin connects cytokeratins and integrin α6β4 in hemidesmosomes anchoring to the extracellular matrix. In(More)
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