Yi-Hsiang Hung

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Current theories of brain function propose that the coordinated integration of transient activity patterns in distinct brain regions is the essence of brain information processing. The behavioural manifestations of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) suggest that their brains have a different style of information processing. Specifically, a(More)
The Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB) is commonly used to evaluate executive functions. Although psychometric properties have been examined in Western studies, data on the FAB in Eastern societies are limited. This study thus aims to examine psychometric properties of the Taiwanese FAB (TFAB). A total of 301 healthy participants were recruited. All(More)
OBJECTIVE Verbal fluency test (VFT), one of the most commonly used tests to evaluate executive function (EF), can be subdivided into letter fluency (LF) and semantic fluency (SF). Although SF tasks have been established in Eastern societies, it is difficult to develop a LF task (Non-SF task) in Mandarin. This study thus aims to examine the psychometric(More)
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