Yi-Hsiang Chiu

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The nature of the construction business makes the industry one of the most litigious. Most recent studies of dispute settlement assistant system have applied case-based reasoning (CBR) models to identify similar dispute cases that may be used as references in dispute settlements. Typically, either Euclidean distance (EUD) or cosine angle distance (CAD) has(More)
The drug-eluting stent (DES) has become the gold standard worldwide for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, an innovative variation of the DES with micro-sized drug reservoirs has been introduced. It allows programmable drug delivery with both spatial and temporal control and has several potential advantages over traditional DESs.(More)
An integrated high-sensitivity CMOS MEMS capacitive accelerometer with thermal stability has been designed and demonstrated in this work. Issue of obtaining stable DC bias at input terminals is particularly addressed. Sensitivity of 595 mV/g is achieved in the accelerometer and the overall noise floor is 50 µg/√Hz, which corresponds to an(More)
BACKGROUND Although Perceived Stress Scale (PSS, Cohen, Kamarack & Mermelstein, 1983) has been validated and widely used in many domains, there is still no validation in sports by comparing athletes and non-athletes and examining related psychometric indices. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the measurement invariance of PSS between(More)
Longitudinal stent compression (LSC) is a new failure mode not previously observed in coronary stents. This phenomenon occurs when the physician tries to cross the deployed stent with other devices. While this phenomenon has been observed with a number of stent designs, it seems more common with the Element stent. A computational LSC model using finite(More)
Atherosclerosis, a condition related to cholesterol build-up and thickening of the inner wall of the artery, narrows or occludes the artery lumen. The drug-eluting stent is a major breakthrough for the treatment of such coronary artery diseases. In recent years, another innovative variation of the drug-eluting stent with drug reservoirs has been introduced.(More)
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