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Multithreaded programs are hard to get right. A key reason is that the contract between developers and runtimes grants exponentially many schedules to the runtimes. We present Parrot, a simple, practical runtime with a new contract to developers. By default, it orders thread synchronizations in the well-defined round-robin order, vastly reducing schedules(More)
The purpose of resource management is based on the limit resource and unknown users which retrieve the resources at any time to increase the resource exploitation rate, flexibility and availability. In this study, we propose four types of strategy including Expansion (when user loads are large and available resources are not limiting), Constraint (when user(More)
Brand awareness is an important issue for the advertising. How to know the effective of every ad for business is always being studied. This paper present a face detection based on the use of eyes tracking system, that can track how long, does the consumer pays attention on current advertising. Firstly, we use the harr-likes features to capture the faces in(More)
In a weak-resonant-cavity Fabry-Perot laser diode (WRC-FPLD) based DWDM-PON system with an array-waveguide-grating (AWG) channelized amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) source located at remote node, we study the effect of AWG filter bandwidth on the transmission performances of the 1.25-Gbit/s directly modulated WRC-FPLD transmitter under the AWG(More)
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