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Local binary patterns (LBP) are one of the most important image representations. However, LBPs have not been as successful as other methods in palmprint recognition. Originally, the LBP descriptor methods construct feature vectors in the image intensity space, using pixel intensity differences to encode a local representation of the image. Recently, similar(More)
Tumor classification based on Gene Expression Profiles (GEPs), which is of great benefit to the accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment for different types of tumor, has drawn a great attention in recent years. This paper proposes a novel tumor classification method based on correlation filters to identify the overall pattern of tumor subtype hidden(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel approach for palmprint recognition, which combine band-limited phase-only correlation method and directional representation of palmprint. We also exploit peak-to-sidelobe ratio as the similarity measure. The results of experiments conducted on Hong Kong Polytechnic University Palmprint Database show that the proposed(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel palmprint retrieval scheme based on principal lines. In the proposed scheme, the principal lines are firstly extracted by the modified finite radon transform. And then, a lot of key points located in three principal lines i.e. heart line, life line and head line are detected. Finally, the palmprints are retrieved by several(More)
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