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Virtualization has become an important technology that is used across many platforms, particularly servers, to increase utilization, multi-tenancy and security. Virtualization introduces additional overhead that often relates to memory management, interrupt handling and hypervisor mode switching. Among those, memory management and translation lookaside(More)
As one of the critical data path functions for many emerging networking applications, packet classification is gaining more and more concerns nowadays. It is commonly believed that conventional software-based classification algorithms are much more time-consuming than hardware-based solutions, i.e., the costly and power consuming TCAM-based mechanism, and(More)
The transistor density of microprocessors continues to increase as technology scales. Microprocessors designers have taken advantage of the increased transistors by integrating a significant number of cores onto a single die. However, a large number of cores are met with diminishing returns due to software and hardware scalability issues and hence designers(More)
Push notification is an important approach to distribute interesting information to users timely. With the fast development of mobile devices and mobile applications, push notification is getting more and more popular. The convergence of mobile and IoT also bring new challenges on how the system can handle the mixed push channels designed for M2M(More)
This paper discusses the network covert timing channel. This channel modulates network packet's time properties to transfer information secretly. Much work has been done in inventing and utilizing network covert timing channels, however, there is not so much work in other areas such as detecting and handling covert channels. Covert channel detection is(More)
Most existing packet classification algorithms are decision-tree-based, which are easy-implemented and have reasonably good performance. However, due to rule duplication caused by rule overlapping, these solutions always occupy large and indeterministic-sized memory space, making them only be implemented with mass-but-slow SDRAMs and incompetent for future(More)
Although dynamic binary translators (DBT) are gaining popularity in the modern virtual execution environments (VEE), the requirement of DBTs' processing and memory resources has seriously hampered the performance of host platform. In this paper, we propose a distributed DBT system--DistriBit for resource-limited thin clients to overcome these challenges. (More)
Emerging Internet of Things(IoT) applications are moving from silo and small scale sensor data sharing to composite and large scale ones. With the rapid growth of application scale, IoT applications is going to leverage cloud infrastructure for scalable solutions and real-time services. Thus large volumes of heterogeneous and high frequency sensor data are(More)
Researches have shown that device drivers account for most of the OS kernel crashes. In this paper we proposed a safe device driver model for the Linux OS, aiming at gaining an improvement on its reliability. Within this model, we are able to write device drivers in the type-safe language of Java, rather than the traditional C. Our main work includes the(More)