Yi-Fung Huang

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In this paper, we propose an authentication key management approach, called Diffie-Hellman-PKDS-based authentication method (DiHam for short) to improve current security level of facility authentication between IEEE802.16e’s BS and SS by using a secret door asymmetric one-way function, PKDS. With the Initialization Vector transmitted between SS and(More)
Recently, wireless communication has been popularly used in our everyday life. However, its security is a crucial challenge since wireless messages are broadcasted in the air through which hackers can intercept the massages and realize what the contents of the messages are. That is why security has been one of the most important issues in wireless(More)
The effective treatment of periodontitis involves the detection and removal of subgingival dental calculus. However, subgingival calculus is more difficult to detect than supragingival calculus because it is firmly attached to root surfaces within periodontal pockets. To achieve a smooth root surface, clinicians often remove excessive amounts of root(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel communication authentication method, called mutual authentication with dynamic keys (MAWDK for short) which provides wireless communication with a mutual authentication and dynamic keys, and with which a subscriber station (SS) and a base station (BS) individually input random numbers to the Diffie-Hellman Public Key(More)
In the prediction research, the main purpose is to minimize the prediction error; however, the goals cannot be fulfilled completely. Even we choose GM(1,1) model, we also need to minimize the prediction error. Hence, in this paper, we first focus on the influence parameter alpha in GM(1,1) model, then, analyze the characteristics of alpha step by step.(More)
In recent years, cloud storage has been popularly used by people in different areas to store their personal or commercial data so as to make the data able to be accessed anytime and anywhere. However, when data is distributed to many locations, the risk of unauthorized access will increase. To secure cloud storage, data is often encrypted by using one(More)
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