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Latex particles sensitized with a Salmonella O-9 monoclonal antibody were used to detect group D salmonellae in blood culture broths. The system was found to be 100% accurate when used on 104 clinical specimens that included 13 S. typhi isolates. Enteric fever could thus be diagnosed as early as 1 day after the initiation of culture in some (18%) cases. The(More)
Salmonella johannesburg has been prevalent in Hong Kong since 1973 and most strains were resistant to a multiplicity of antibiotics. The susceptibility of S. johannesburg strains isolated in a 5-year period from 1973 to 1977 to eight antimicrobial drugs including ampicillin (A), streptomycin (S), tetracycline (T), chloramphenicol (C), Kanamycin (K),(More)
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