Yi-Feng Wang

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The aim of this study is to develop a systematic method on the basis of Petri net models to automatically generate operating procedures for multiple material transfer tasks in any batch process. The system model of the pipeline network used for such tasks is built by assembling the component nets representing piping elements, i.e., fragments, valves, pumps(More)
Neural oscillations are the intrinsic characteristics of brain activities. Traditional electrophysiological techniques (e.g., the steady-state evoked potential, SSEP) have provided important insights into the mechanisms of neural oscillations in the high frequency ranges (>1 Hz). However, the neural oscillations within the low frequency ranges (<1 Hz) and(More)
This paper proposes and discusses a novel AC/DC converter suitable for small-scaled wind power generation system applications. By introducing flyback cells into the three-phase single-switch Boost circuit, the proposed converter is designed as single-stage and has both rectification and high step-up power conversion functions. It is able to obtain high(More)
This study presents a four-phase interleaved high voltage conversion ratio bidirectional DC-DC converter circuit based on coupled inductors and switched capacitors, which can eliminate the defects of conventional high voltage conversion ratio bidirectional DC-DC converters in terms of high-voltage/current stress, less efficiency and low-power limitation.(More)
Neural oscillations are essential for brain functions. Research has suggested that the frequency of neural oscillations is lower for more integrative and remote communications. In this vein, some resting-state studies have suggested that large scale networks function in the very low frequency range (<1 Hz). However, it is difficult to determine the(More)
The attention system can be divided into alerting, orienting, and executive control networks. The efficiency and independence of attention networks have been widely tested with the attention network test (ANT) and its revised versions. However, many studies have failed to find effects of attention network scores (ANSs) and inter-network relationships(More)
  • Cheng-Shan Wang, Wei Li, Zhun Meng, Yi-Feng Wang, Jie-Gui Zhou
  • 2015
In this paper, an interleaved high-power zero-current-switching (ZCS) onboard charger (OBC) based on the three-phase single-switch buck rectifier is proposed for application to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). The multi-resonant structure is used to achieve high efficiency and high power density, which are necessary to reduce the volume and weight of the(More)
The attention network test (ANT) is a reliable tool to detect the efficiency of alerting, orienting, and executive control networks. However, studies using the ANT obtained inconsistent relationships between attention networks due to two reasons: on the one hand, the inter-network relationships of attention subsystems were far from clear; on the other hand,(More)