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The objective of this research is to develop an advanced driver assistance system with lane departure warning and forward collision warning functions. The main input of this system is a CMOS camera, which is used to acquire roadway image in front of vehicle. In order to extract lane markings and vehicles from roadway image, the image processing methods such(More)
The objective of this study is to develop a vision-based driver assistance system for lane detection and active keeping control based on the design of cooperative driving. This lane keeping system (LKS) can alert the driver beforehand to the danger of unintentional departure from the lane and then actively control the vehicle steering to help the driver(More)
Intelligent Vehicle Safety imaging system using image processing often requires a lot of internal memory register or DDR SDRAM (Double-Data-Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) to temporary video and images. But these processes often increases the complexity of the hardware and software. In this system, we propose a VLSI implementation of(More)
Using a vision-based solution in intelligent vehicle application often requires large amounts of memory to handle the video stream and image process, which increases the complexity of the hardware and software. In this paper, we present a Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of a vision-based lane departure warning system. By taking video(More)
This paper studies a sensor fusion method focusing on a collision avoidance system, capable of high accurate object detection by blending a camera and 2D LIDAR with the aid of pixel analysis. Pixel analysis is performed via single camera under a concern that the free space in front of vehicles is limited by objects on almost vertical surfaces. The(More)
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