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AbstrAct How can practices of knowledge management (KM) enable organizational learning to occur and then lead toward a learning organization? We seek the answer to this question by exploring three cases, Winbond, Worldpeace, and TSMC, chosen respectively from upstream, midstream, and downstream firms in the IC industry in Taiwan. We studied KM practices(More)
Mobile commerce has already become one of the trends in future developments. Therefore, mobile shopping in application of mobile commerce will become one of the services with a vast development potential. A technology acceptance model (TAM) with trust is utilized to explore influence of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness in mobile shopping on(More)
AbstrAct This study is an exploratory investigation of the enabling roles of knowledge management for integrated circuit (IC) Designers, Distributors, and Manufacturers. This study explores the different enabling roles in terms of knowledge creation, storage/retrieval, transfer and application when businesses implement knowledge management in upstream,(More)
The “Electronic Government” movement is sweeping across almost all the world in the last decades. This movement represents a new paradigm for public services. According to the literatures, we found many studies were only focused on how to technically establish the web sites which allow citizens access government information more(More)