Yi-Fang Wang

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Diabetes can be associated with a reduction in functional β cell mass, which must be restored if the disease is to be cured or progress is to be arrested. To study the cell count, it is also necessary to determine the number of nuclei within the insulin stained area. It can take a single experimentalist several months to complete a single study of this(More)
Endocrine dynamics spans a wide range of time scales, from rapid responses to physiological challenges to with slow responses that adapt the system to the demands placed on it. We outline a non-linear averaging procedure to extract the slower dynamics in a way that accounts properly for the non-linear dynamics of the faster time scale and is applicable to a(More)
A combination of enzymatic inhibition kinetics and computational prediction was employed to search for an effective inhibitor of tyrosinase. We found that oxymatrine significantly inhibited tyrosinase, and that this reaction was not accompanied by detectable conformational changes. Kinetic analysis showed that oxymatrine reversibly inhibited tyrosinase in a(More)
We examine the effect of a more realistic Earth matter density model which takes into account of the local density variations along the baseline of a possible 2100 km very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. Its influence to the measurement of CP violation is investigated and a comparison with the commonly used global density models made.(More)
We herein report the synthesis and characterization of a series of ruthenium-substituted Keggin-type heteropolytungstates containing {Ru(II)(NO)}, {Ru(III)(H2O)} or {Ru(IV)Cl} species. Although anionic [PW11O39Ru(II)(NO)](4-) (1) and [PW11O39Ru(III)(H2O)](4-) (2) are known, a new synthetic method for the preparation of (n-Bu4N)4[1] and (n-Bu4N)4[2] is(More)
Owing to its low cost and good transparency, highly purified water is widely used as a medium in large water Cerenkov detector experiments. The water circulation and purification system is usually needed to keep the water in good quality. In this work, a practical circulation model is built to describe the variation of the water resistivity in the(More)
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